I strive to make yoga accessible for all. Whether you are new to the practice or a long-time yogi, recovering from injury or trauma, looking for a physical or spiritual experience (or both!). I believe we can all benefit from the practice of yoga, though our optimal practice will be just as unique as we are! 


Private Yoga Sessions

Private yoga with an experienced teacher can transform your practice by helping you deepen your understanding of your personal alignment, providing you with modifications specific to your body, and teaching you sequences and techniques to help you achieve your goals (whether you want to touch your toes, recover from an injury, or reduce anxiety in your life). I will work with you one on one to assess your goals and tailor a personalized class or program.

Contact me for more information.


Private Group Classes

Have a few friends who want to do yoga? I'll bring a class or workshop to your home or workplace. 

We will work together to design the perfect class for your group. There are endless possible combinations of yoga styles and themes. Here are just a few ideas:

-Yoga for Your Desk
-Lunchtime Stress Release
-Meditations for Mindful Living
-Yoga for a Good Night's Sleep

Contact me for more details. 

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Public Classes

I teach a number of yoga classes throughout Ottawa. Currently you can find me teaching at:







I teach as part of the LoveYourBrain Ottawa Teaching Team at PranaShanti Yoga Centre, providing free and accessible yoga to those in the Traumatic Brain Injury community. 

You can keep in touch on Facebook or Instagram for updates on other classes I am teaching at the Centre!